Our Specialities


FCRA prescribes summary of rights. We guarantee 100% transparency in compliance with laws of every jurisdictions we conduct our background screening activities

We comply with FCRA and share the report with applicants

Consumer Protection

We follow processes pursuant to FCRA, Federal and Provincial laws; We conduct background checks with applicant’s consent and follow FCRA’s reasonable procedure to assure maximum possible accuracy. The consumers have the right to challenge the information in the report in a well-defined dispute resolution process at no cost to the applicant


With the information collected and with the consent of the applicant, we conduct a thorough search with a combination of identifiers including but not limited to fingerprint, SSN, SIN, Aadhar, PAN, National Identity Card, DoB, Alias, Driver’s License and past address history. With our search capabilities, we guarantee accuracy of information in the background screening reporting


We understand the importance of finalizing the candidacy for employment or tenancy as any delay will result in revenue loss or leakage. Our understanding of different business models of our customers makes us committed to the efficiency of background screening with a turnaround time ranging from as little as 48 hours to 7+ business days depending on jurisdictions and screening items

Cost Optimized

The Background Screening industry is evolving so as the accuracy, quality and cost. The companies are being pushed by market forces resulting in cost optimized solution tailored to suit every employer. We understand the unique requirement of our clients and tailor our service package to meet their budget

Industry Knowledge

We and our global partners are members of relevant professional associations maintaining the highest standard in background screening and complying with the local, national and international laws and regulations. our knowledge is derived from laws, experience, industry experts and lawyers specialized in consumer and human resources litigation

Global Partnership

Background Screening can end up in costly litigations and therefore it is crucial that the Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA) and the employers take great care in getting the applicant screened in compliance with the FCRA and other applicable laws locally and internationally. We partner with the accredited CRAs across the globe enhancing our compliance protocol thereby protecting the interest of everyone


Our clients do not need to worry about the technology that supports our background screening services. The backend technology that enables our clients to order screening for their candidates are robust, 99% uptime guaranteed and reliable. Our clients can directly access the progress of the background screening and download the completed reports 24×7 while monitor the progress of each case ordered